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Hindu is one of the world’s most exotic languages.


It’s the language spoken by the Brahmins, guru’s and holy men of India.


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The course uses a plethora of tools to teach you Hindi.


First you start with interactive audio lessons which will show you the basic building blocks of this wonderful language. Along with that you get language and culture lessons. These will coach you in grammar and the culture which informs Hindi.


To help you remember what you’ve learnt, recall-enhancing tools are also included in this program. These will allow you to train yourself to have real world conversations and learn the material faster.


In addition to this, you’re going to learn how to pronounce Hindi words perfectly with the accent training tool.


Then there’s flashcards which will drill the vocabulary deep into your mind. And you also get access to a progress tracking app which shows how far you’ve gone…and how much of the course you have left.


Finally there’s a members forum where you can chat with other students and practice what you’ve learnt. Most useful of all is the mobile app which allows you to take these learning tools everywhere you go.


In just minutes a day you’ll be talking Hindi like a Bombay native.


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